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Mostrar cambios nuevos desde las 19:06 del 26 mar 2023
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26 mar 2023

N  ! 13:10  Garalian calendar‎‎ 2 cambios historial +34 [MML‎ (2×)]
13:10 (act | ant) 0 MML discusión contribs. Se cambió el destino de la redirección de Calendario Garaliano a Calendario garaliano Etiqueta: Destino de redirección modificado
N  ! 
13:10 (act | ant) +34 MML discusión contribs. Página redirigida a Calendario Garaliano Etiqueta: Redirección nueva

22 mar 2023

N  ! 13:21  Plantilla:Template display difs.hist. +1258 ESGaral discusión contribs. Página creada con «<includeonly>{{#invoke:Message box|ombox|type=notice |image={{#switch:{{{1}}}|adaptive=65x65px|link=|alt=|nomobile=55px|link=|alt=|nodesktop=55px|link=|alt=}} |text={{#switch:{{{1}}} | adaptive = This template is responsive and <strong>displays differently in mobile and desktop view</strong>. Read the documentation for an explanation of the d…»
N  ! 13:20  Plantilla:TemplateDataHeader difs.hist. +396 ESGaral discusión contribs. Página creada con «<div class="templatedata-header">{{#if:{{{noheader|}}}| |This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.}} '''{{{1|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}''' </div><includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|sandbox|| Category:TemplateData documentation }}</includeonly><noinclude> Category:Templates </noinclude>»
N  ! 13:19  Plantilla:Navbox visibility difs.hist. +373 ESGaral discusión contribs. Página creada con «Templates using the classes <code>class=navbox</code> ({{tl|navbox}}) or <code>class=nomobile</code> ({{tl|sidebar}}) are not displayed on the [ mobile web site] of English MicroWiki.<!-- Mobile page views account for approximately 63% of all page views (90-day average {{as of|March 2022|lc=y}}).--><noinclude> {{documentation}} </noinclude>»
N  ! 13:13  Plantilla:Navbox/doc difs.hist. +38 428 ESGaral discusión contribs. Página creada con «{{for|vertically-aligned navigation|Template:Sidebar}} {{documentation subpage}} {{high-use|all-pages=y}} {{Template display|nomobile}} {{Lua|Module:Navbox}} {{Navbox suite}} {{Lua sidebar}} This template allows a navigational template to be set up relatively quickly by supplying it with one or more lists of links. It comes equipped with default styles that should work for most navigational templates. Changing the default styles is…»
N  ! 13:10  Módulo:Navbox/doc difs.hist. +703 ESGaral discusión contribs. Página creada con «{{#ifeq:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|Module:Navbox|{{High-use|3691969}}}} {{module rating|protected}} {{Lua|Module:Navbox/configuration|Module:Navbar|Module:Color contrast|Module:Arguments}} {{Uses TemplateStyles|Module:Navbox/styles.css}} {{Lua sidebar}} This module implements the {{tl|Navbox}} template. Please see the template page for usage instructions. == Tracking/maintenance categories == * {{clc|Navbox orphans}} * {{clc|Navigational boxes without hori…»

21 mar 2023

N  ! 13:56  Módulo:Sidebar/styles.css difs.hist. +3703 ESGaral discusión contribs. Página creada con «→‎{{pp-template}}: →‎TODO: Invert width design to be "mobile first": .sidebar { →‎TODO: Ask if we should have max-width 22em instead: width: 22em; →‎@noflip: float: right; →‎@noflip: clear: right; →‎@noflip: margin: 0.5em 0 1em 1em; background: #f8f9fa; border: 1px solid #aaa; padding: 0.2em; text-align: center; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 88%; border-collapse: collapse; /* Timeless has display: none on .nomobile at mobile resoluti…»